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Meyer und Söhne - Executive Development

Executive Development

MEYER & SÖHNE are specialized in the following dimensions of executive development:

  • Training and coaching for executives, teams, and workgroups
  • Aptitude diagnostics (management audits), using standardized selection aids for internal and external selection procedures
  • Strategic workforce management expertise


MEYER & SÖHNE offer coaching for our client’s executive staff in areas including:

  • Defining their role in the organization and its many relationships
  • Recognizing and understanding their own capabilities, especially in situations of conflict
  • Finding a sensible balance between their personal capacities and their professional performance
  • Developing, exploring, and internalizing corporate values

Our Notion Of Coaching

Our notion of coaching is sustained by our belief that the coachees already knows the solutions for their issues, but have yet to discover and realize them. We are there to accompany and support that process of realization, as our coaches find their way towards a solution on their own responsibility. We know that people are social beings and part of diverse and dynamic systems in their work, their family, and society at large. We integrate the values, ambitions, and convictions of our coaches in our development services with our commitment to a teleological process of discovery and appreciation. We see our coaches as free and independent in following their own inherent reasoning: Our coaches develop and pursue only those goals that help them be their best in their organizations. Our consulting process is built around clarity and transparency, with psychoeducational elements for our clients and coaches. The success of our solution-driven coaching process is supported by our belief in optimism and focus on the strengths and resources of our coaches.

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