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Meyer und Söhne - Philosophie


At MEYER & SÖHNE, we are passionate about finding the right people for top positions in business and contributing to the success of our clients. Our philosophy is built on a commitment to shared ethical and humanistic values that guide all of our agents and partners. Our claim is one of genuine trust, reliability, and uncompromising quality in our search for highly qualified and personally convincing leaders.

All of our partners can draw on many years of experience in management and consulting as well as substantial knowledge of their industries. We add to this our belief in empathy, absolute integrity, and a clear sense for the needs and expectations of our clients and the satisfaction of our candidates as the essential roots of our success.

We let the following values guide and inspire us in every phase of our search commissions:


The processes and methods we employee at MEYER & SÖHNE are designed to exacting standards and based on our long-standing experience in executive search.


We see ourselves as the ambassadors and representatives of our clients and fully acknowledge the responsibility this brings for us. Our responsibility for our candidates guides us towards sustainable and value-adding solutions for everybody involved.


Genuine awareness of the industry and a sense for the culture of our clients are essential for us to be able to give a meaningful judgment of the qualities and aptitude of any candidate.


Transparent and straightforward communication, independence, and integrity are the norm for us, and the basis for our lasting and sustainable partnerships with our clients.


Our work is built on a commitment to trust, for our clients and for our candidates. We work to win this trust again every day, because it is the source of our success.


Cosmopolitan, inquisitive, and inclusive: Strong foundations for absolute confidentiality and discretion on all sides.


Die Prozesse und Methoden, die wir bei MEYER & SÖHNE anwenden, entsprechen höchsten Standards und resultieren aus unseren langjährigen Erfahrungen.


Wir verstehen uns als Repräsentant und Botschafter unserer Klienten und sind uns dieser Verantwortung zu jeder Zeit bewusst.


Ein tiefgehendes Verständnis der Branche und der Unternehmenskultur unserer Klienten ist die entscheidende Voraussetzung, um gültige Aussagen zur besonderen Eignung von Kandidaten für spezielle Anforderungen zu treffen.


Eine stets ehrliche und gradlinige Kommunikation sowie Unabhängigkeit und Integrität sind für uns selbstverständlich und führen zu einer nachhaltigen und langfristigen Zusammenarbeit mit unseren Klienten.


Diskretion und Seriosität sind für uns die Basis für absolute Vertraulichkeit unseren Klienten und Kandidaten gegenüber.

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